The minimums of communication

I’m sure you’ve seen it, on Facebook or other social media platforms –
Now, I know the basics. Heck, I’m trying to start a blog so I better know, right? I mean I do abuse commas and girlfriend, whose first language isn’t English has informed me that there’s something called present-perfect so I can’t call myself an expert. I’m not exactly writing ‘Learning English’ manuals or making entries into the dictionary, so does it matter?

I’ve seen a lot of abuse, a lot of looking down on people who did not learn the difference between their and there and it irks me. These people, both the victim and the critic typically are not on an endeavor to set the world of linguistics alight, so what does it matter if someone says “your an idiot” (Besides the negativity in calling someone an idiot)? Even now I don’t know where that question mark goes, before the brackets or after? Yet no one has ever criticized my English language skills and I am actually trying something that involves a decent use of writing etiquette.

The reason this all annoys me is because it’s communication. You get what I am trying to say, you know if someone says “that’s there bag” that they mean “their”. You know it. You understand what they’re trying to say and that should be enough because our language, with all its rules, is simply a means of communication. If they communicate their meaning to you, does it matter if they used the wrong there? It shouldn’t. Even if it does matter in some way, surely it doesn’t mean so much that it entitles bullying, calling people stupid or illiterate over something so simple and essentially insignificant. Besides, how can you criticize your friend or colleague over their spelling or grammar and then make “cash me ousside howbow dah?” girl famous?

So let’s fight over something more worthy of our time to discuss, like are goatees making a comeback in 2017 and why?


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